Lane Automotive Safety Summit

Lane Safety Summit, March 7, 2020

8:00am To 3:00pm | 8300 Lane Dr., Watervliet, MI 49098

Safety should always be top priority for racers, race team, track safety crews and track owners alike. That's why we will be hosting our third annual Safety Summit at Lane Automotive.

Join some of the top safety manufacturers for a day of technical and practical safety information and training. Learn about the latest trends for safety equipment and training. With presentations, demonstrations, and product training, this event will provide valuable information to maximize driver and crew safety. There will also be special pricing on select safety equipment! More info as it becomes available.

Please register early, as space is limited - Register Below.

Event Highlights

• Kalamazoo Track Safety
• Custom Earmolds Made - Racing Electronics
• Trade In Old Belts
• Rollover Simulator
• Keynote Speakers
• Special Deals
• Latest Safety Gear

Safety Sale!

Many Safety Manufacturers On Site!

Safety Manufacturer Seminars & Informational Speakers!

Custom Earmolds Made! Sponsor: Racing Electronics.

Kalamazoo Track Service's rollover trainer "Flipper" all day.

Drivers learn how to escape a harness upside down!

Safety Summit Sponsors


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