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New Products

High Cap Universal Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator

Part Number: AEM25-305BK
Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator AEM - Designed for racers who need reliable fuel pressure in high-boost vehicles and race cars requiring large volumes of fuel. The high cap allows the use of a longer spring which provides a wider range of adjustment, from 40-130 PSI. A single large return orifice is designed to handle high flow fuel pumps. The regulator has a 1:1 rising pressure rate for boosted applications, and is alcohol and race fuel compatible. Manufactured to accept 9/16"-18 O-Ring sealed fittings for inlet/return, and a 1/8NPT port for a fuel pressure gauge or pressure sensor pick up.

Locking D-Ring Isolators

Part Number: DASKU70058AG (Orange), DASKU70058BK (Black), DASKU70058FA (Fluorescent Orange), DASKU70058FP (Fluorescent Pink), DASKU70058RB (Blue), DASKU70058RE (Red)
Locking D-Ring Isolators Daystar - Manufactured from durable polyurethane, these locking isolators snap onto any standard 3/4" D-Ring, also known as a clevis or shackle. The built-in lanyard loops through a hole in the D-Ring bolt preventing it from unscrewing itself and losing the D-Ring. Made in USA.

Amp'd Throttle Sensitivity Booster

Part Number: Call With Application
Amp'd Throttle Sensitivity Booster DiabloSport - The Diablosport Amp'd Throttle Booster is designed to improve the driveability and responsiveness of a vehicle. Allowing turbos to spool up faster and better vehicle acceleration. The Amp'd booster is designed for easy installation using factory connections. Two levels of boosting response are offered. Level one offers 50% increase while level two will increase responsiveness by 100%.

Sector 27 Front Brake Rotors For Chevy C/K1500

Part Number: HAWHR4403
Sector 27 Front Brake Rotors For Chevy C/K1500 Hawk Performance - High-performance rotors are drilled and slotted for improved braking performance. Beveled holes deliver exceptional cooling and rounded slots offer constant contact between the rotor and pads, while allowing for the removal of gas and dust.

Remote Tire Inflator

Part Number: JOE32486
Remote Tire Inflator Joes Racing Products - A safe efficient method to mount and fill tires. Remote Tire Inflator uses a strong, clip-on air chuck with 5' rubber air hose that provides a safe distance when mounting tires. Incorporated Quick Fill Inflator with 60 PSI gauge provides quick, accurate inflation.

Car Wash With Carnauba Wax

Part Number: LIQ10302
Car Wash With Carnauba Wax Liquid Glow - This liquid car soap is extremely gentle on a vehicle's paint, yet tough on dirt and grime. Ordinary soap can strip away wax and actually harm the paint surface. Liquid Glow Car Wash with Carnauba Wax is designed just for vehicles, with a pH balanced formula that is biodegradable and its high suds formula that suspends dirt away from the paint. Not only is this soap gentle and cleansing, it also contains genuine carnauba wax to replenish the vehicles existing coat of wax. 64 oz. bottle. Sold each

Turn Signal/Parking Light Assembly For 1976-86 Jeep CJ5/CJ7 And Scrambler

Part Number: OMI12405
Turn Signal/Parking Light Assembly For 1976-86 Jeep CJ5/CJ7 And Scrambler Omix-Ada, Inc. - This plastic replacement light assembly includes lamp housing, clear lens, dual filament bulb and wiring pigtail. Fits either right or left side and two are required per vehicle. 5" round x 3" deep. Sold each.

Aero Wing Tree

Part Number: TIP6004
Aero Wing Tree Ti22 Performance - Engineered for wedge- style Sprint chassis, to place the wing at the optimum angle. Assembly is constructed from durable, 4130 steel and black powder finished. The "X" design adds strength, while 3/4" adjustment holes are used to provide up to 3" of adjustment. Adjuster pins must be purchased separately.

Torsion Bar Bushings

Part Number: TIP2340 (Single), TIP2340-10 (10-Pack)
Torsion Bar Bushings Ti22 Performance - Manufactured from friction-reducing bronze. Bushing has a 1-1/8" I.D. and .095" wall. Sold each or in packs of ten.

Adjustable Tail Tank Clamp Set

Part Number: TIP8012
MSD Box, Tach And Kill Switch Mount Ti22 Performance - Clamps feature an adjustable design to allow mounting virtually any brand of fuel tank. Lightweight, CNC-machined aluminum clamps mount to the tail tank bar and utilize recessed bolt heads to conceal and protect them from debris.