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New Vendor - OMP!

Published on: Monday, June 30th 2014

We are happy to add OMP to our list of vendors! OMP is a manufacturer of high quality racing safety equipment. Check out the great products now available through OMP!

From OMP's Website:
The racing spirit has been part of the Percivale family since 1973 when, in a small town near Genoa, Italy, Roberto, Claudio and Piergiorgio began to manufacture roll cages and racing accessories for their own racecars in order to gain a competitive edge over fellow competitors. OMP flourished under Percivale ownership up to 2008 when the company sold to the Delprato family. Now in its 39th year, OMP looks to rise to the forefront of the racing accessories industry, and has added several new and different pieces to its widely popular racing line, including the OMP Sport line along with a new segment of lifestyle racing wear for impassioned enthusiasts looking for the very best gear on and off the track.

Today OMP Racing is one of the world's leading manufacturers of racing safety equipment and tuning accessories with a catalog of over 3,000 different items. Operating from a technologically advanced 80,000 sq. ft. facility in Italy, OMP products are renowned for its quality, the meticulous attention to details that is constantly challenged by setting higher standards.

Visit their website for more info.


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