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Two New Vendors Added!

Published on: Wednesday, July 16th 2014

We have added two new vendors - Pacer Performance Products and Snow Performance! Check out the new products now available.

Pacer Performance Products

They produce high quality and unique automotive accessories.

From their website:
Pacer Performance Products was founded in 1965 on the simple foundation of creating a unique group of automotive accessories of the highest quality while providing a level of customer service that was uncommon in the automotive aftermarket. While the products themselves have changed over the years, our level of commitment to our industry our people and our customers remain.

While other companies have come and gone, we have continued to create new and innovative products. Our complete in-house design, engineering staff and graphic designers allow us to go from concept to reality without compromising quality or integrity.

Visit their website:

Snow Performance

Snow Performance specializes in Water-Methanol Injection for gas and diesel applications.

From their website:
The benefits of Water/Methanol injection
Boost Cooler Benefits (Gasoline Applications):

  1. Low cost - where else can you get up to 60HP for as low as $304?
  2. More Power - We don't create an intake restriction like an intercooler, and unlike race gas, we reduce intake air temps and improve charge air density too!
  3. Efficiency - leaner air fuel ratio can be utilized for normal operation.
  4. Easy Installation - Snow Performance systems can be installed in a matter of hours without having to remove bumpers or do custom intake piping.
  5. Engine Health - Snow Performance systems effectively steam clean the valves, valve seats, and even the piston tops and intake when they inject. This reduces carbon build up.

Diesel Applications

  1. Greatly reduced EGT's - Decreases of 250 degrees F are common using a 50/50 water/methanol mix. Increased EGT's are an engine killer in today's performance diesel world.
  2. Low cost power - Where else can you get 50-100 HP for as low as $549? What other modification does all these things with one system?
  3. Greatly increased air charge densities - 3-5 psi boost increases are common with liquid intercooling.
  4. Decreased emissions - increased combustion efficiency means less particulate matter and NOX emissions.
  5. Fuel economy increase - increase your fuel economy up to 10%-15% (1-3 mpg).
  6. Great for towing - more power/cooler EGT's to haul the heaviest loads.

Visit their website -


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