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New Vendor - JMS!

Published on: Monday, June 20th 2016

We have added JMS to our vendor list. They are manufacturers of fuel pump voltage boosters, drive-by-wire throttle response enhancers, Ford Ecoboost performance chips, aluminum wheels and more! Check out the great JMS products that are now available.

From the JMS Website:
JMS chip and performance... we make fast cars... faster! JMS is a manufacturer of high-quality automotive electronic components. We develop and design reliable products that will improve the performance of your vehicle. We also distribute a host of premium brand performance products for many different automotive applications.

Founded by hardcore enthusiasts in 1993, JMS has become an industry leader in automotive electronics, nitrous oxide injection, supercharging, turbocharging and custom EFI tuning. We have over 20 years experience in manufacturing, aftermarket up-fitting, and turn-key automobile engineering.

  • Specialty and race vehicle assembly
  • Custom ECU calibrations engineering
  • Electronics design and manufacturing
  • Automotive component sales and distribution
  • Commercial, industrial, municipal, and military reliability and maintainability product solutions

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