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New Vendor Added - Racepak!

Published on: Tuesday, February 7th 2017

We are happy to announce the addition of Racepak to our vendor lineup! They manufacture data logging equipment and accessories. Check out their great products now available!

From Their Website:
Racepak LLC was founded in 1984 by Spencer Eisenbarth and Ron Armstrong. Both men were engineers with strong backgrounds in electrical and mechanical applications, and both had an interest in motor sports. They realized the need for onboard data acquisition equipment. The major task was in building a data recorder that could survive the unfriendly world of race vehicles. That challenge became the initial goal that led to the continued success of Racepak.

A leader in the data acquisition industry, their clientele has expanded to include industrial applications, OE manufacturers, and testing facilities, as well as a broad spectrum of land, water, and snow-based motor sports. Today the company is housed in a 12,000 square foot building in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA. From the single original Racepak data recorder their line has now grown to include a large selection of unique loggers, software, gauges, and ancillary equipment all designed for the sole purpose of gathering data.

Visit the Racepak Website


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