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Lane/Motor State Win IAMA Awards!

Published on: Wednesday, June 23rd 2010

IAMA Best Of Division AwardIAMA AwardsThree Motor State/Lane Automotive publications were awarded Gold Medallions at the 19th Annual International Automotive Media Awards and one of these, The Lane website, was further awarded a prestigious Best Of Division award. The ceremony was held at the Automotive Hall of Fame headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan on June 21, 2010.

Winning Gold Medallions were: The Hot Rod Parts Catalog for Cover Design, Public Relations and Marketing; Lane for Internet Reference; and The Motor State Performance Report for Newsletter, Less Than 16 Pages, Public Relations and Marketing. The Lane website is designed and administered by Robin Beachy. The Hot Rod Parts Catalog cover was designed by Mike Kalling and The Performance Report is written by John McLellan.

Entries in all categories are judged by peers and must meet minimum standards to be considered for the competition. On a 100 point scale, only entries scoring 97 points or better are awarded Gold Medallions. Best of Division Awards are based upon 98-100 points. Bronze Medallions are awarded to entries between 85 and 91 points; and Silver Medallions go to entries with 92-96 points.

The International Automotive Media Awards (IAMA) was founded by the late Walter Haessner and is currently administered by his widow, Elaine Haessner. The IAMA competition is a function of the International Society for Vehicle Preservation with the stated purpose of recognizing and encouraging excellence in all forms of automotive media.


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