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George Lane And Garage The First Three Lane Automotive Buildings Current Lane Automotive BuildingFounded in 1964 as a part-time venture in George Lane’s garage, Lane Automotive has become a speed equipment industry phenomenon. Since the days when local racers lined up to buy racing parts at that tiny, one man shop, the company has grown and is comprised of three separate divisions. One thing has remained the same throughout the years of growth at Lane Automotive: the desire to provide the best parts and the best service at competitive prices.

Known the world over as a premier supplier of performance parts and accessories for racers, hot rodders, truck and off-road enthusiasts, Lane Automotive’s divisions include Motor State Distributing, Allstar Performance, and the Lane Automotive Showroom. Today, the company serves customers around the world from a 416,000 square foot distribution center/office complex located in Watervliet, Michigan, at the intersection of Interstate 94 and Michigan 140.

Lane Automotive looks to the future, and the ever-changing challenges of meeting the needs of the traditional speed equipment market. Product lines are continually being added as new parts and accessories are developed and introduced to the public. The 21st century is here... and Lane Automotive is ready!

Related Companies

Motor State Distributing

Motor State Distributing -  Performance Warehouse Distributor

Since it was founded as a division of Lane Automotive in 1971, Motor State Distributing has become one of the country's premier wholesale automotive speed equipment and accessory distributors. Motor State was one of the first warehouse distributors to provide wholesale speed equipment to jobbers, engine builders and chassis fabricators in the Midwest. Today, Motor State Distributing services customers around the world with more than 630 performance and racing product lines and over 90,000 in stock part numbers. The company has two separate sales divisions, one dedicated to domestic sales and the other to servicing international customers. Daily shipments leave our docks via UPS, Federal Express and a fleet of company operated trucks. Motor State was a proud recipient of the prestigious SEMA Warehouse Distributor of the Year Award in 1991, 1993, 2003, 2008, 2011 and again in 2014.

Potential customers are invited to contact the New Accounts Manager for information on becoming a member of the Motor State Distributing Team.

Allstar Performance

Allstar Performance - components, tools and accessories to satisfy the needs of any racer or car builder.www.allstarperformance.com
Allstar Performance is our own brand of performance products. For over 25 years, professional car builders, racers and speed shops have relied on Allstar Performance to provide components, tools and hardware to various markets. With a passion for everything performance, Allstar offer’s 1000’s of items to assist with your project, all at a fair price.