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New Vendor Cam Motion!

Published on: Tuesday, September 22nd 2020
We have added Cam Motion to our vendor product line. Check out the great new products now available. Since 1978, Cam Motion has focused on bringing superior quality, accuracy, and performance to the high-performance and racing camshaft industry. Located in Louisiana, Cam Motion has supplied winning race teams at all levels of competition, and offers some of the best LS and Gen 5 LT performance camshafts on the market today, along with a variety of other high-performance valvetrain...

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New Vendor BOOSTane

Published on: Tuesday, September 1st 2020
We have added BOOSTane to our vendor product line. Check out the great products now available! Formulated to be the most consistent, reliable, and high-performance fuel octane booster on the market, BOOSTane uses a proprietary formula to suspend anti-knock compounds in solution indefinitely, meaning no loss of effectiveness. Available in a variety of formulas for conventional gasoline, diesel, and marine applications. Maximize the performance of your engine while adding critical anti-knock...

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New Vendor Lecarra Steering Wheels

Published on: Monday, August 31st 2020
We are happy to announce the addition of Lecarra Steering Wheels to our vendor product line. Check out the great products now available. Lecarra offers American-made steering wheels and accessories produced with premium materials. With designs ranging from classic muscle to nostalgic to modern, Lecarra steering wheels are the perfect finishing touch for cars of all eras. Their selections of distinctive steering wheel, leather wraps, and custom horn buttons allows for virtually limitless...

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New Products Updated!

Published on: Monday, August 31st 2020
Our New Products page is updated with great items from the following vendors: Allstar Performance, BAK Truck Bed Covers, Billet Specialties, Daystar, Design Engineering Inc., MPD Racing, and Ti22 Perfromance. Visit the New Products Page

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New Vendor Shaviv!

Published on: Friday, August 14th 2020
We are happy to announce the addition of Shaviv deburring tools and accessories to our expanding vendor product line. Check out the great products now available. A recognized world leader in deburring solutions, Shaviv offers a wide range of tools for safely and efficiently deburring metal, plastic, stainless steel, aluminum, and more. Shaviv produces professional-grade tools in a number of styles and sizes, for a variety of applications. We now offer the full line of Shaviv deburring tools and...

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New Vendor Quick Time Performance!

Published on: Thursday, July 16th 2020
We have added Quick Time Performance to our product lineup. Check out the great products that are now available!Every automobile enthusiast knows that the better an engine can breathe, the more performance you can achieve. Balancing a track-ready free-flowing exhaust with acceptable street noise levels has always meant sacrificing power. With electric exhaust cutouts from Quick Time Performance, there’s no need to compromise: keep the exhaust system mellow on the streets, and let it...

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New Vendor Frankenstein Engine Dynamics

Published on: Friday, July 10th 2020
We are happy to announce the addition of Frankenstein Engine Dynamics to our expanding vendor product line. Take a look at the great products that are now available! When it comes to squeezing more horsepower out of an already impressive powerplant, engine builders count on Frankenstein Engine Dynamics to make LS engines reach their full potential. A designer and manufacturer of top-quality high-performance cylinder heads and intake manifolds for GM's popular LS-series engines as well as other...

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New Vendor - Aldan America

Published on: Monday, June 1st 2020
We have added another new vendor to our product lineup - Aldan America! Look over the great parts now available! Offering coil-over shock conversion kits and components for a wide range of classic and late model vehicles, Aldan American brings more than 30 years of experience in designing and producing premium-quality shocks and springs for the street, strip, and track. From classic trucks, sports cars, and hot rods to modern muscle, their American-made components are precision engineered for...

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New Vendor ICT Billet!

Published on: Friday, May 29th 2020
We are happy to announce the addition of ICT Billet to our vendor lineup. Check out the great products now available! Dropping an LS engine into a vehicle that wasn’t designed for one can come with a lot of unknowns, and used to require extensive custom fabrication and tracking down a wide assortment of parts from multiple manufacturers. ICT Billet helps take the guesswork out of LS engine-swap projects with parts that are engineered for easy installation and a professional look. With...

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2021 Hot Rod and Early Muscle Catalog

Published on: Wednesday, May 27th 2020
The new interactive 2021 Hot Rod and Early Muscle catalog is now active! It's 508 pages of the latest and greatest parts and accessories for classic hot rods to early muscle cars. A printed version of the catalog will be available later this summer/early fall. Check Out the Interactive Catalog

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