Lane Automotive's 50th Anniversary

Lane BuildingsThe year was 1964. Fifty years ago! George Lane had been building drag race cars in his small garage at his home in Coloma, Michigan for several years at that point. He felt the time was right to turn his love and passion for racing and hot rods into a small, part-time business, supplying speed equipment to local racers. Soon, his reputation for customer service as a local source of big-city speed parts had grown to the point that his tiny business needed a larger home. Before long, Lane Automotive moved to a real store front, and George became involved in his business on a full-time basis. Growth continued, and in just a few years George moved again, this time to a brand new building built to his specifications and symbolically situated just a quarter mile from the first store front. This building would undergo several additions during the next decade as Lane Automotive's retail trade grew and the wholesale side of the business began to develop.

By 1971 the wholesale division had its own name, Motor State Distributing, and was serving jobbers throughout the Midwest. George's wife Janet handled the bookkeeping and his two sons, Doug and Dave, joined the family business when they became old enough. By 1985, it had become obvious to the Lane family that the time was right for a new, much larger warehouse and office building. Ground was broken in 1987, and the business moved into the completed 53,000 square foot building in 1988. Ten short, but very busy years later, Lane Automotive moved once again, this time to Watervliet, Michigan and a new complex nearly three times the size of the previous building.

Today, Motor State Distributing, now the largest division of Lane Automotive, is one of the leading speed equipment warehouse distributors in the world. Still very much a family business, with Doug and Dave assuming the major roles, and George and Janet remaining on board in advisory capacities, a third Lane generation is being groomed to embrace the necessary new technology so vital to the continuation of the Lane tradition of excellent customer service. It takes a lot of style, perseverance and hard work to reach a golden anniversary. Like the Ford Mustang, another icon that turned 50 this year, Lane Automotive and Motor State Distributing continue to advance technologically, becoming better and better as time goes on.

Thank You to all of our customers!

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50th Anniversary Mustang