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New Vendor Added - Momo!

Published on: Thursday, February 11th 2016

We are happy to announce the addition of Momo to our vendor lineup! They are manufacturers of safety equipment, steering wheels, seats and light alloy wheels.

From Their Website:
The company has brilliantly carried on the business of developing innovative racing products, incorporating ambitious technological goals and continuing to improve the quality, the safety and the superior design of Momo products. An example of the goals achieved by the Company was the exclusive supply of Momo steering wheels for the GP2 Championships in Europe and Asia. More recently in the US, Momo has developed a new generation of steering wheels for NASCAR, which are currently used by many top teams and drivers. Since the beginning of its history, Momo has always strived to be an authentic pathfinder in product innovation and marketing.

Visit the Momo website for more info on their great products!


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