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Update - Legislation to Overturn EPA Racecar Regulation!

Published on: Monday, March 28th 2016

We received an email from SEMA VP of Councils and Membership -  Nathan Ridnouer. He is asking that we, as a SEMA member company, continue to help promote the letter writing campaign. The link below makes it extremely easy to send a pre-written letter to your State Senator and State Representative.

Please help protect our industry by taking a few minutes (literally 3 minutes) and submitting your letter.  Feel free to pass this link on to any of our customers, so they can be informed and do the same. This link allows individuals in any state to send a letter directly to their Senator and Representative.

Follow this link to send a letter urging your Senator and Representative to support the RPM Act:

From Nathan M. Ridnouer:
I'm writing to give you a bit of an update on the effort to push through the RPM Act in both the House and Senate… and ask for more help. During last week's rounds of Select Committee calls, we reported that we have a goal similar to that of the petition campaign from early-February. Well, the letter-writing campaign has slowed a bit leaving us only at about 30% to our goal. More than ever, we need your help picking up the pace!

The good news is that we aren't done yet, and we just made the process is easier than ever. SEMA has produced a more user-friendly form at It also makes it easier to push to social media, the web or via email – it's even mobile friendly! You can also add it to your signature line as I've done below.

So, please help us keep the pedal mashed to the floor. And, if you can, please let me know if there is anything more you can do to help the industry fight these overreaching EPA regulations. Today, it's motorsports. What's next?

Nathan M. Ridnouer, CAE
SEMA - VP, Councils & Membership
Previously Posted On March 8th:

Legislation to Overturn EPA Racecar Regulation!

Congress Introduces Bill to Ensure that Motor Vehicles May Be Modified Into Racecars

Courtesy of SEMA Action Network

U.S. Reps. Patrick McHenry (R-NC), Henry Cuellar  (D-TX), Richard Hudson (R-NC), Bill Posey (R-FL) and Lee Zeldin (R-NY) have introduced the bipartisan "Recognizing the Protection of Motorsports Act of 2016" (RPM Act), which makes clear that it has always been legal to modify a street vehicle into a racecar used exclusively at the track. The practice was unquestioned until last year when the EPA proposed a new regulation which would make this activity illegal. SEMA supports the RPM Act and urges you to do so as well.

Ask Your Local Member of Congress to Support the RPM Act

Click on the link below to write your local member of Congress asking for their support of the RPM Act!

Write Your Member of Congress


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