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Two New Vendors Added!

Published on: Friday, April 22nd 2016

We have added two more great vendors to our product lineup - Cold Air Inductions and HP Tuners! Check out the great products now available.

Cold Air inductions

From the CAI website:
Cold Air inductions (CAI Inc.) started when founder James Newsome wanted an air intake that would stand above everyone else's. After development, James had a cold air intake that maximized his vehicles performance. Soon friends and fellow racers wanted one, and the requests kept coming, thus Cold Air Inductions Inc. was born. Now CAI Inc. utilizes a new state of the art manufacturing facility. Sticking to its roots, CAI Inc. still implements the same research and design, prototyping, and rigorous testing for each unit manufactured. CAI Inc. has become a leader in the aftermarket performance industry.

Visit The CAI Website


HP Tuners

From the HP Tuners website:
HP Tuners manufacture VCM Suite, the only tuning tool you'll ever need for your newer GM, Ford and Dodge car or truck. Vehicles that range from stock form to your serious performance enthusiast can benefit from digitally tweaking and tuning one of the most important parts in the vehicle, its computer. Don't let a stock computer slow you down. Tune it with VCM Suite! It sets the industry standard with lightning fast VCM/PCM reads and writes. No other commercial package today can provide you with better ease of use, data integrity or higher reliability than the VCM Suite tuning package.

Visit The HP Tuners Website


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