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New Vendor - Pulse Racing Innovations!

Published on: Wednesday, July 20th 2016

We are happy to announce the addition of Pulse Racing Innovations. They are manufacturers of the EZ Tear Tearoff Ramp. Never pull the whole stack or fumble trying again. Check out this innovative new product now available.

From Their Website:
Here's what some of the test drivers have to say about the EZ Tear Universal Single Pull Tearoff Ramp: "I used to pull tearoffs mostly on the straights so I have time to make sure I only pull one. But with the EZ Tear, I can confidently and quickly pull tearoffs as soon as they get dirty, no matter where I am on the track. I'll never race again without it!"

"The best part about the EZ Tear is that I never know it's there. It doesn't hinder me in any way and it provides an insurance policy to make sure I have clear vision for the entire race."

Pulse Racing Innovations is dedicated to bring products to market that help racers be better, stronger, and faster! Our roots are in motocross, but our product line spans all forms of motor racing, including motocross, enduro, cross country, flat track, ATVs, sprint cars, modifieds, and go-karts. Our first product is the patented EZ Tear Universal Tearoff Ramp. The goggle strap mounted version and the visor mounted version appeal to all forms of off-road racers. And, we have other products in the works, some that will target a specific racing segment, and others that apply to racers of all types.

Visit their website for more info. Watch the videos of the product in action!


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