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2 New Vendors Added!

Published on: Monday, November 21st 2016

Sunoco Race JugsWe have added two more new vendors - Sunoco Racing Jugs and Total Power Racing Batteries! Check over the great products now available!

Sunoco Racing Jugs

Racing Jugs And Accessories

From Their Website
Sunoco Racing Jugs are designed with industrial strength and superior quality - proudly made in the USA.

We understand how hard you work, and your utility jug should work just as hard for you. You should not have to put up with leaking jugs due to poor design or improper manufacturing. That is where we strive to be different than our competitors. Every jug is 100% pressure tested for leaks as well as a multi-point quality inspection. Our jugs are built to withstand a beating without the excess weight, while keeping a tough industrial look and feel.

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Total Power Race BatteriesTotal Power Racing Batteries

Performance Batteries And Accessories

From Their Website
Originally created to power the F-117 Stealth, B-2 Bomber and many others, this is not your ordinary battery. All Total Power batteries are hand made to rigorous military standards. Total Power Racing Batteries are your best choice for today's sand cars because they provide superior vibration and shock resistance, flawless performance in all environments, a non-spillable/maintenance free design, AGM construction, capable of being mounted in virtually any position and deliver up to a whopping 1500 cranking amps from a lightweight battery you can count on. Custom battery boxes to meet your installation needs are also available.

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