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New Vendors Added!

Published on: Wednesday, June 28th 2017

New Vendor BAK

We are happy to announce the addition of BAK (Truck Bed Covers) and Savior Protected (Battery Case and Tray Products) to our product lineup. Check out the great products that are now available.


From their website:
At BAK Industries, we have developed a line of tonneau cover products that help keep your truck functional and beautiful. Because everyone uses their truck differently, there is no single right solution. That's why BAK Industries offers the BAKFlip, the TiltBAK and the RollBAK. Each is designed for a different need, but they all share the hallmarks of BAK Industries products: durability, reliability and quality.

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New Vendor Savior Protected

Savior Protected

From their website:
In 1987 Marine Dynamics, Inc. was founded. The iconic "StingRay Hydrofoil Stabilizer" was born and sold to the marine industry through different innovative models for nearly 30 years before the Savior Battery Case and Tray product line was introduced. The Savior product line was originally designed to protect marine batteries from the harsh boating environment, but it was quickly pulled into the automotive and powersports markets. Due to the overwhelming response Savior received, the company name was changed from Marine Dynamics, Inc. to Savior Products, Inc. in 2016 to better serve all industries and align with the future vision of the company.

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