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New Vendor - Walero

Published on: Tuesday, May 21st 2019

Lane Automotive has added Walero racing undergarments to its expanding vendor product line.

Moisture-wicking technology has been the go-to solution to keep drivers comfortable for years. Walero felt that helping drivers regulate their body temperature was a more effective solution, reducing the impacts of big temperature changes, and fighting the risk of dehydration that can come from moisture-wicking materials.

Scientifically designed by drivers for drivers, Walero racing underwear combines maximum comfort and protection for rally and race drivers of all sorts. Their base layer technology helps keep drivers comfortable under even the most extreme conditions, while providing FIA- and SFI-approved resistance to fire.

Walero line of base layer undergarments adds the next generation of comfort and safety to the already extensive selection of driver safety clothing available through Lane Automotive.

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