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Two New Vendors Added!

Published on: Wednesday, October 23rd 2019

We have added two new vendors to our product lineup - Brand Motion and Curt Manufacturing. Check out the great products now available!

Brand Motion

Many new vehicles come with an impressive array of cameras, sensors, and screens to help keep drivers aware of potential hazards in front of, behind, and beside them. However, adding those important safety tools to an existing vehicle has been difficult or impossible, until now.

Brand Motion specializes in on-board safety electronics including back-up cameras, blind-spot monitors, parking sensors, collision warning sensors, and even off-roading, cargo, and trailer cameras that can be integrated into a wide range of vehicles. With a variety of display and configuration options, from in-dash screens to replacement mirrors, Brand Motion gives vehicle owners the ability to add cutting-edge safety technology to virtually any car, truck, or SUV.

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Curt Manufacturing

Towing trailers safely and efficiently requires the proper equipment. Curt Manufacturing specializes in purpose-built towing components optimized for the towing vehicle and application. From adjustable height trailer hitches to gooseneck components, Curt offers heavy-duty components for virtually any application and designed for maximum durability. Curt also produces wiring components, as well as weight distribution and sway control systems, all designed to make hauling safer, easier, and more convenient.

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