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New Vendors Added!

Published on: Tuesday, December 17th 2019

We are happy to announce the addition of Bracketeer and Lifeline USA to our vendor lineup. Check over the great products that are now available.


Having a fire extinguisher in an easy-to-reach, consistent location is an important safety addition to any vehicle However, mounting a fire extinguisher in most vehicles has usually required drilling or access to an exposed frame like a roll cage.

Based in San Clamente, CA, The Bracketeer produces a high-quality fire extinguisher bracket designed to work with almost any late model or classic vehicle, no drilling required. From street rods and sports cars to off-road trucks, daily drivers, and even commercial vehicles, The Bracketeer allows drivers to keep a fire extinguisher readily at hand for emergencies.

Visit their website:

Lifeline USA

Fire safety is paramount in automotive racing. From handheld fire extinguishers to fully automated systems, in-car fire suppression systems have evolved greatly over the past few decades, with companies like Lifeline focusing on ongoing innovation designed to save lives.

Founded in 1980, Lifeline has become a global leader in the on-board fire-suppression industry. From F1 and IndyCars to weekend racers, drivers and crews around the world rely on Lifeline products. Available with electric, automatic, or pull-cable activation, their systems provide superior protection and reliability.

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