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New Vendor - Peet Dryer

Published on: Thursday, January 23rd 2020

Lane Automotive has added Peet Dryer to its expanding vendor product line.

There are few things worse than that feeling of putting on a wet pair of boots or gloves. Factor in mildew and odor, and wet gear can get downright unhealthy.

Since Gene Peet invented his first footwear dryer in Idaho in 1968, "dry-feet-by-Peet" has been synonymous with comfort and convenience. The line of Peet footwear and gear dryers includes options to handle all kinds of footwear, as well as gloves and helmets. Available in single, double, and even portable styles, Peet dryers help remove moisture and prevent odors quickly and easily.

Lane Automotive offers the full line of Peet gear dryers and accessories.  

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