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New Vendor DRP Performance Products

Published on: Tuesday, March 10th 2020

We are happy to announce the addition of DRP Performance Products to our vendor lineup. Check out the great products now available.

Friction is the enemy of speed and fuel efficiency. Drag caused by wheel bearings can have a significant impact on a race car’s rolling friction. Being able to test a car’s suspension system and using components optimized to reduce friction can have a significant impact on improving a car’s rolling dynamics.

DRP Performance Products help make race cars faster by reducing friction at the wheel hub. DRP's line of bearing spacers, bearings, and seals can help reduce drag by up to 1200% or more, reducing maintenance and allowing cars to roll noticeably easier and corner faster. DRP also produces pull-down chassis testing systems and data acquisition equipment to help analyze and maximize chassis performance.

For more info visit DRP Performance Products Website


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