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New Vendor ICT Billet!

Published on: Friday, May 29th 2020

We are happy to announce the addition of ICT Billet to our vendor lineup. Check out the great products now available!

Dropping an LS engine into a vehicle that wasn’t designed for one can come with a lot of unknowns, and used to require extensive custom fabrication and tracking down a wide assortment of parts from multiple manufacturers. ICT Billet helps take the guesswork out of LS engine-swap projects with parts that are engineered for easy installation and a professional look.

With both individual components and complete vehicle-specific kits, ICT Billet produces a line of American-made solutions that covers everything from mounting brackets and oil pans to valve covers and wiring harnesses, all designed to help make LS and LT engine swaps easier, whether it's into a classic Bel-Air, a vintage Camaro, or a high-performance pickup truck.

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