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New Vendor Quick Time Performance!

Published on: Thursday, July 16th 2020

We have added Quick Time Performance to our product lineup. Check out the great products that are now available!

Every automobile enthusiast knows that the better an engine can breathe, the more performance you can achieve. Balancing a track-ready free-flowing exhaust with acceptable street noise levels has always meant sacrificing power. With electric exhaust cutouts from Quick Time Performance, there’s no need to compromise: keep the exhaust system mellow on the streets, and let it roar on the track, all with the flip of a switch!

Since 2002, Quick Time Performance has offered a wide range of performance exhaust systems and components. Their American-made electric cutouts, individual accessories, and complete systems are available for a number of different vehicles to provide superior performance on both the street and the track.

We now offer the full line of Quick Time Performance products, including cutouts, accessories, and complete ready-to-install systems.

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