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New Vendor Woolf Aircraft Products!

Published on: Monday, February 8th 2021

We are happy to announce the addition of Woolf Aircraft Products to our vendor product lines. Check out the great new products now available.

Producing high-quality metal tubing products involves far more than just bending a piece of tubing to the right angle and cutting it to length. It requires precision equipment, specialized welding and finishing processes, and focused quality-assurance. With experience in the most demanding industries, Woolf Aircraft Products has the technology and experience to provide consistent and exceptional tubing products.

Specializing in the custom cutting, bending, and welding of metal tubing since 1942, Michigan-based Woolf Aircraft Products manufactures components for a number of industries from aerospace to defense to performance automotive. They produce a variety of high-performance headers and exhaust components to fit a wide range of motorsports applications.

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