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New Vendors Added!

Published on: Tuesday, December 17th 2019
We are happy to announce the addition of Bracketeer and Lifeline USA to our vendor lineup. Check over the great products that are now available. Bracketeer Having a fire extinguisher in an easy-to-reach, consistent location is an important safety addition to any vehicle However, mounting a fire extinguisher in most vehicles has usually required drilling or access to an exposed frame like a roll cage. Based in San Clamente, CA, The Bracketeer produces a high-quality fire extinguisher bracket...

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New Vendor Pro-Race Performance Products

Published on: Wednesday, November 20th 2019
We are happy to announce the addition of Pro-Race Performance Parts to our vendor lineup! Check out the new products now available. Pro-Race Performance Products Founded by renowned Australian drag racer Graham Withers, Pro-Race Performance has produced performance engine components for more than 35 years. Pro-Race is recognized for their all-steel harmonic dampers, initially offered for the Holden 308 V8, and now offers high-performance racing dampers for a wide range of engines, including GM,...

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Two New Vendors Added!

Published on: Wednesday, October 23rd 2019
We have added two new vendors to our product lineup - Brand Motion and Curt Manufacturing. Check out the great products now available! Brand Motion Many new vehicles come with an impressive array of cameras, sensors, and screens to help keep drivers aware of potential hazards in front of, behind, and beside them. However, adding those important safety tools to an existing vehicle has been difficult or impossible, until now. Brand Motion specializes in on-board safety electronics including...

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New Vendors - Bowler Transmissions & Tera Pump

Published on: Monday, September 23rd 2019
We have added Bowler Performance Transmissions and Tera Pump to our vendor product line. Check out the great products now available! Bowler Performance Transmissions In many high-performance cars, the transmission can often be the weakest link. Developing transmissions designed to handle the torque of the powerful engines found in today’s Hot Rods and Pro-Touring cars takes skill, experience, and attention to detail. Bowler Performance Transmissions has more than 50 years of...

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New Vendor SPC Performance

Published on: Wednesday, September 11th 2019
We have added SPC Performance to our expanding vendor product line. High-performance suspension technology has come a long way in the past 50 years, through improved design, materials, and technology. Even modern production cars often have suspensions designed for cost-efficient mass production rather than superior handling. SPC Performance offers suspension solutions for everything from iconic muscle cars to modern performance machines. Whether it's building a pro-touring or race car, or...

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New Vendors - Vision Wheel & Spyder Filters

Published on: Thursday, July 25th 2019
Lane Automotive has added Vision Wheel and Spyder Filters to its expanding vendor product line. Vision WheelDeveloping performance wheels is about more than creating a great looking design. It’s about balancing functional needs with durable construction and appealing style, all while taking into consideration the specific application. With more than 40 years in designing and manufacturing custom wheels for a wide range of applications, Vision Wheel is an industry trend setter. Their...

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New Vendor - Trick Race Parts

Published on: Wednesday, July 17th 2019
Lane Automotive has added Trick Race Parts to its expanding vendor product line. Properly siped tires can make a critical difference on any surface, including for dirt track racing. Having the right tools for the job makes siping easier, safer, and more efficient. As a specialist in parts and tools for dirt track racers, Trick Race Parts has a wide selection of high-quality tire siping equipment, from complete siping systems to accessories like stands, heads, and blades. They also offer...

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FM3 Road Trip Cars And Cones Dinner At Lane Automotive

Published on: Friday, June 14th 2019
On June 25th, Lane Automotive will serve as a dinner stop for the FM3 Road Trip Cars and Cones Charity Tour. We will be hosting up to 100 drivers and their guests for a dinner after they complete a day of autocross action at Tire Rack in South Bend. In addition to dinner, drivers and their guests may take a limited tour of our facility, browse our showroom and meet our team. The Lane Automotive dinner will start at 6:00 PM followed by facility tours. The event will conclude at approximately...

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Jeep Kick-Off Cruise & Convoy

Published on: Monday, June 3rd 2019
On May 31st, Lane Automotive hosted the second annual Kick-Off Cruise and Convoy to the Silver Lakes Sand Dunes Jeep Invasion in Mears, MI. More than 125 Jeeps of all styles and years gathered at Lane Automotive for a pancake and sausage breakfast put on by the Watervliet Fire Department, then headed north to the Jeep Invasion event held at the Silver Lakes Sand Dunes state recreational area. Upon arrival at the event itself, the convoy was granted a special welcome and VIP parking right at...

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New Vendor - Walero

Published on: Tuesday, May 21st 2019
Lane Automotive has added Walero racing undergarments to its expanding vendor product line. Moisture-wicking technology has been the go-to solution to keep drivers comfortable for years. Walero felt that helping drivers regulate their body temperature was a more effective solution, reducing the impacts of big temperature changes, and fighting the risk of dehydration that can come from moisture-wicking materials. Scientifically designed by drivers for drivers, Walero racing underwear combines...

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