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Tech ArticlesOver the years we have published quite a few Tech Articles. The subjects range form common sense tips to in-depth tech. All of the articles are aimed at sharing knowledge gained by hands-on experience or by many years of experience in the field. We hope you find them helpful.

Note: Some articles are from as far back as 1996. The info is still current, but some references may be out of date.

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Cooling System

Cool and the Gang


The Old Gray Sedan, She Ain't What She Used To Be...

500 Horses: Not As Easy As It Seems


Be Extremely Careful When Using Brake Cleaner!

Brakin' Up Is Hard To Do!


Once Disrespected, The Chevy 305 Looks To Be A RaceSaver

Of Peaks And Valleys

Making The Best Of A Bad Situation: Wet Sump Oiling Systems

The Chicken... Or The Egg? (Spun Rod Bearing)

Let Your Heads Flow

Roll With The Changes!

Oil Filter Inspection

Being Narrow Minded With Regard To Piston Ring Selection

Pushrods: Still Doing The Job After All These Year

Pump It Up. Preloading Is Important! (Hydraulic Lifters)

Become a Bee-Liever...Beehive Valve Springs

She's Giving Me Torsional Vibrations (Balancers)

Building A Stronger "Bottom End"

"Hurricane Hugo" In Your Oil Pan!

Valve Spring Basics

Valve Science

To What Degree Do You Want To Win? (Degreeing Camshaft)

Givin' It The Third Degree (Degreeing Camshaft)

GM LS1: Not The Same Old Song And Dance

Now Showing: X-Celerator vs Dominator!

The Beginners' Guide To Building An Engine

The Chain Gang (Timing Setups)

Cast Or Forged, There's A Crank For You

The Great Piston Ring Controversy

The Temperatures and Pressures of Racing!

Selecting "Slugs" (Pistons)

Your Camshaft is Liftin' Me Higher and Higher

Alcohol And Racing Do Mix...At Least When You C.C. Heads.

The Leakdown Theory


Time To Make Some Sound Decisions!

You Can Tune A Header But You Can't Tune A Fish

Trends In Header Technology

Fuel System

Quadrajet: The Rodney Dangerfield of Carburetors

Fuels Rush In Department


The "Tachs Your Memory" Department

Ignition System

The Path Of Least Resistance (Ignition Problems)

Good-Bye, Mr. Chips! (Digital Ignition)


Here's The Scoop


Spring Check List (Getting Ready For The Season)

Do You Ever Feel Like You're Chasing Your Own Tail? (Track a Grimlin)

Household Remedies For Automotive Maladies

The Trickle-Down Effect (engine "chillers")

It's Not Nice To Fool Mother Nature (Weather and Racing)

Pyromania Or The Heat Is On (Pyrometer Use)

Rear End And Drivetrain

Fast Or Slow, "GEARS Make It GO!"

The Venerable 12-Bolt Chevrolet

How The 9" Ford Conquered The Racing World

Beware of Flying DRIVESHAFTS!


Towing Safety

If You've Got A $10 Head...Buy A $10 Helmet


Shock Therapy!


Some Hints For Promoting A "Slick"


GM TH-200: From The Court Room To The Race Track

Turbo-Hydramatic 400: Built Like A Rock...No, Built Like An Anvil!

Will It Go 'Round In Circles? You Bet! (Powerglide Automatic Transmission)

GM Turbo-Hydramatic 350 Three Speed Automatic

Converter Theology (Torque Converters)